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The NEWYEA helps Evergrande Xingluo charging platform, share its experience in building stations in Xiamen and Changsha, and discuss new ideas for development

The NEWYEA helps Evergrande Xingluo charging platform, share its experience in building stations in Xiamen and Changsha, and discuss new ideas for development


Now, when charging pile enterprises are competing to cooperate with car companies, Evergrande Group, as one of the world's top 500 enterprises, also actively expands in the field of new energy vehicles. Recently, held by Evergrande Charging Technology Co., Ltd., the development of win-micro charging enterprises with the theme of "10,000 stations open and win-win results", in Nanjing, Xi'an, Xiamen, Changsha, Baoding and other places.

Many leaders of government departments related to the automobile industry, mainstream charging operators, as well as representatives of small and micro enterprises intending to build stations in cities around the host site gathered to have in-depth discussions and exchanges on how to invest in construction and operation of charging stations.

NEWYEA Technology, as an early domestic wireless and wired intelligent charging system development, production and operation of electric vehicles, as an integrated charging pile production operator. I was also invited to attend the exchange meeting located in Xiamen and Changsha.

As a matter of fact, NEWYEA Technology has been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent charging for many years. It not only has industry-leading intelligent charging pile products, but also has all-round, mature and diversified business solutions, which can tailor the most matching cooperative service mode for customers. Now, the NEWYEA has promoted the investment, construction and operation of charging infrastructure across the country by jointly establishing joint ventures with strong enterprises around the country.

Up to now, NEWYEA has established 6 joint venture companies, more than 20 project cities. Constantly improve the requirements of their own development from the equipment, platform, operation, service, planning and layout, which can better provide a high-quality guarantee for the win-win development of the company and all partners.

At the scene of the exchange meeting, the participating leaders and experts carefully explained the industry policies and development trends, the station construction and operation experience shared by the facility manufacturers and platform operators, the honest, pragmatic and inspiring exchanges, and clearly outlined the huge development space of the charging industry.

The Xingluo charging platform launched by Evergrande is mainly to help the small and micro enterprises that cooperate with the station to provide comprehensive and professional management tools, and to provide customized services in pile selection, charging scene, electricity and electricity sales for the construction of the station. Through the "one-stop" to solve the pain points to create an open ecology, and connect with all the traffic platforms, so as to improve the overall operation efficiency, but also to solve the "last kilometer" of new energy vehicles travel.

Whether it is for the NEWYEA technology and Evergrande Xingluo charging Tong, this exchange meeting has made a better understanding between the two sides. Evergrande Xingoxtong can provide an open platform for win-win cooperation for NEWYEAs, help enterprises carry out the construction and operation of charging stations at lower cost and more efficiency, and also lay a solid foundation for the future cooperation between enterprises on both sides.

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